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Our Holiday Kit and Kit Packages Sale 2023 Ends In Our Holiday Kit and Kit Packages Sale 2023 Ends In

Our Holiday Kit and Kit Packages Sale 2023 Ends In

Load image into Gallery viewer, Taube 40
Load image into Gallery viewer, Taube 40

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Taube 40

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Upgrade To The Taube 40 Kit Package

Type                                        3-Channel German pre WW-I observation aircraft

Wing Span                              62 Inches

Wing Area                              680 Square Inches total.

Airfoil                                     Flat Bottom

Wing Loading                         14 Oz. / Sq. Foot

Fuselage Length                      44 Inches.

Flying Weight                         5 ~ 6 Pounds.

Engine Size                 .           30 ~ .46 2-Stroke / .40 ~ .50 4-stroke

Prop Size                                   Depends on engine being used 

Fuel Tank                                6 ~ 8 Oz.

Radio Equipment                    3-Channel W/ 3 standard servos

Wheel Size                              4-3/8” vintage (Not included in kit)


Model Features

Balsa, Bass, and Ply construction

Removable “1-piece” bolt on wing


Kit Includes

Full-Size plans W/ Photo instruction book.

Jig & Die cut parts

Pre-bent wire landing gear

Basic hardware package


Items Needed to Complete

Control system, 2-56 push rod type.

Fuel System (fuel tank & fuel lines).

Covering 3, 2-meter rolls of covering material  (Solartex recommended)

1-pair 3-3/4” Vintage wheels


Regular Stocked Parts & Options

Part Number                                       Description

   A439                                    Plans & Instructions     

     483                                     3-3/4” Vintage wheels (1-pair)

     428                                     Gold-N-Rod 36”  (one pack required)

     430                                     Gold-N-Cable 36”  (one pack required)

     673                                     Flex-Tank 6 Oz.     



Center of Gravity ………3-5/8 Inches back from leading edge of wing

  • Control Throws:
  • Elevator: 1/2 inch up and down.
  • Rudder: 1-3/4 inches left and right.
  • Center of Gravity: 3-5/8 inches back from the leading edge of the Wing.
  • Engine Thrust Line: 1-2 Degrees DOWN, 1 Degree RIGHT.