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Load image into Gallery viewer, 1/4 Scale SE5a
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1/4 Scale SE5a
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1/4 Scale SE5a
Load image into Gallery viewer, 1/4 Scale SE5a

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1/4 Scale SE5a

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Upgrade To the 1/4 SE5a Kit Package    Now Laser Cut Parts



Type                                        British built ¼ Scale WW-I biplane fighter

Wing Span                              80 Inches (15”cord)  both wings

Wing Area                              2300 Square Inches total.

Airfoil                                     Flat Bottom

Wing Loading                         18~20 Oz. / Sq. Foot

Fuselage Length                      63-3/4 Inches.

Flying Weight                         18 to 20 Pounds

Engine Size                             Gasoline 30~ 40cc / 1.50 ~ 1.80 4-stroke glow 

Prop Size                                    Depends on engine being used 

Fuel Tank                                16~24 Oz. (compatible with fuel requirements of engine)

Radio Equipment                    4-Channel W/ 5 servos min.

Servo Requirements               High torque 60~70 In. / Oz. Servos

Wheel Size                              6-5/8 vintage (Not included in kit)

Inside Width of Cowl             6-1/4”


Model Features

Balsa, Bass, and Ply construction

Two removable “1-piece” Bolt on Wings


Kit Includes

Full-Size plans W/ photo instruction book.

Jig & die cut parts

Pre-bent wire landing gear and struts W/ hardwood fairings

Basic hardware package

Scale engine and exhaust pipes


Items Needed to Complete

Control system (push rod type or pull / pull cable system suitable for a model of this size)

Fuel System (fuel tank & fuel lines) compatible with the fuel requirements of engine being used. 1-pair 6-5/8 Vintage wheels 2, 5-meter rolls of covering material


Regular Stocked Parts & Options

Part Number                              Description   

D412                                       Decal Set      

A412                                       Plans & Instructions    

488                                          7” Vintage wheels (1-pair)

G902                                       1/4 Scale Vickers Gun  (1 req.)

G900                                       1/4 Scale Lewis Gun  (1 Req.)

429                                          Gold-N-Rod 48”  (Two pack required)

430                                          Gold-N-Cable 36” (one pack required)

679                                          24 Oz. Fuel Tank  (For Glow Fuel use ONLY)



Center of Gravity                  4-5/8 ~ 5-5/8” back from leading edge of TOP wing.

          Control Throws:                                                         Incidence:

Elevator …….. 1-1/4” Up and Down                Top Wing  ………  +5~6 Degrees          

Rudder ……… 2” Left and Right           Bottom Wing  …...  +3~4 Degrees    

Aileron ….….. 3/4 ~ 1” Up and Down            Tail  ………………..  +4 Degrees          

(Aileron differential recommended 1" Up 3/8” Down)


Thrust Line ..  0.0 Degrees DOWN, 1~2 Degrees RIGHT


1/4 Scale SE-5a Decals “American”

(4)       Large Roundels W/White Outline                        Top & Bottom of Wings …... 12 Inch

(2)       Small Roundels W/White Outline                        Fuselage Sides ………….. 4-3/8 Inch

(2)       “Hatchet Men” 25th Aero Squadron         Fuselage Sides ............ 3-3/8 X 7 inch

(2)       #12 White Numbers                                        Fuselage Sides ………..… 3-3/8 Inch

(2)       Blue Diamonds W/White Outline                        Fuselage Sides ..,.. 2-3/8 X 5-1/8 Inch

(2)       Serial Number White                                      Vertical Fin ……………..… 3/4 Inch